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Westminster Conference on Science & Faith 2013: "How Did it All Begin?"

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Join Discovery Institute staff and associates in Greater Philadelphia on April 5 and 6 for the 2013 Westminster Conference on Science & Faith. The event will be held at Covenant Fellowship Church, and is headlined by Oxford mathematician and philosopher Professor John Lennox, and leading intelligent design theorist and philosopher of science Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell.

The theme is origins: of the cosmos, of increasingly complex life, and of life itself.

Other speakers include molecular biologist Dr. Douglas Axe, political scientist Dr. John G. West, theologian Dr. Vern Poythress, bioethicist Dr. Megan Best, and theologian Dr. Scott Oliphint. To whet your appetite for this year's conference, here's a short trailer featuring clips from last year:

Conference attendance is very reasonably priced. Early-bird registrants (deadline March 1) can sign up for only $70, and as little as $25 for students. Thereafter, the entry fee increases to $40 for students and $90 for the general public. This is still a bargain, given that it not only covers admission to all sessions, but also educational materials, lunch on Saturday, and a DVD set featuring all of the conference. Groups of 10 or more will be charged at $50 per person.

I myself plan to be there -- hope to see you in Philadelphia!