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Video: Michael Behe at the University of Toronto

You may remember how Michael Behe's visit to the University of Toronto back in November prompted a fit of contempt from local biochemist Larry Moran. The ever dependable Dr. Moran thought he'd scored a point by illustrating a blog post on the event with a photo of himself standing next to Dr. Behe. Moran is considerably taller in physical stature. Moran also said it was the "last straw" for him when Behe explained that intelligent design may be a minority view but the history of science is full of triumphs by holders of such views over a complacent majority. Moran:

This is one of the distinguishing characteristics of kooks. If you have to defend your views by pointing out that many great scientific ideas were initially rejected by the scientific community then you've already lost the battle. No legitimate scientist does this.
Yet no less a figure than Charles Darwin comforted himself with this reflection in his 1838 Notebook C.

Go back and read our further comments. Anyway, the sponsoring group at the U. of Toronto has now kindly uploaded Behe's presentation "Evidence of Design from Biology" to YouTube. See above.