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Now You Can See The Revisionaries for Yourself, Right Here

Watch The Revisionaries on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.

Casey Luskin reviewed The Revisionaries, now airing on PBS, last week and concluded:

The Revisionaries is a "dispatch" all right -- from the alternative universe promoted by the Darwin lobby. Though the individuals featured in the documentary are real enough, the impression that Mr. Thurman seeks to leave with viewers overlaps only vaguely with reality.

If anything, the film is a good reminder of why we at Discovery Institute often choose not to participate in documentaries that have an obvious agenda to twist the facts and play on the emotions of viewers (in this case, the target audience was apparently "moderate Republicans") -- all to "scare" them into capitulating to Darwin. Yet Thurman had the chutzpah to complain that we didn't want to be interviewed for his agenda-driven, intensely biased, and historically inaccurate documentary. Is that "fair"?

Don't believe us? You can watch it here online and tell us what you think. Convenient!