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How to Celebrate Watson-Crick Day?


The final burst of insight was delivered to Watson in the morning, February 28, 1953. But the sun was just then turning to set on neo-Darwinism.

It's exactly sixty years from the date that James Watson and Francis Crick succeeded in elucidating the structure of DNA with its now-iconic double helix. How to mark the day in an appropriate fashion? Perhaps by reviewing your copy of Signature in the Cell. As our colleague Stephen Meyer beautifully describes there, Watson and Crick's discovery was the beginning of the terminal unraveling of all materialistic explanations of the origin of life, with devastating implications for the entire Darwinian narrative of the history of life's development down to today. Watson and Crick uncovered the way that the DNA molecule bears its precious store of information, a quantity known to arise from only one source -- intelligence, of course.

Before, a biologist could much more safely assume that Darwinian evolutionary theory was on its way to getting everything all figured out. From that day forward, a fact that's increasingly recognized, that is no longer true.