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February 2013 Archives

Design Can Be Suboptimal on Purpose

News About Epigenetics

Video: Michael Behe at the University of Toronto

Eat, Bubbeleh, Eat!

Meet Peter Hitchens, Darwin-Doubter

A Genetic Snooze Button: How Synonymous Codons Regulate the Biological Clock

Wesley Smith on Scientism and The Magician's Twin

Machine Within a Machine: The Ciliary Partitioning System

It's Life, Jim, But Not as We Know It

Archaea Have Their Own Rotary Propellers

A Theory of Everything Is Not

Molecular Machines on the Move

And Now Some Good News About the News

Human Hearing Outsmarts Physical Limits

Even the Cell's Shredder Looks Designed

Need We Say It? "Directed Evolution" Is a Contradiction in Terms

John West on C.S. Lewis, Science and Scientism

Natural Selection's Reach

Our Darwin Day Gift to You: "C.S. Lewis and Evolution"

State of the Union: An Academic Freedom Bill Roundup

Darwin Vindicated at Last: Pigeons Evolved from Pigeons

Pummeled with Pom Poms: Thomas Nagel and His Critics

Wallace Whitewash Watch

Earth Is Barely "Habitable," Say Scientists. Could Have Fooled Us

Now You Can See The Revisionaries for Yourself, Right Here