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Update: Our Recommended Resources for Non-Public School Educators

This is quite useful. We get inquiries all the time from students and teachers, at public and private schools, wondering how best to incorporate a fuller picture of Darwinian evolution in their studies. Of course the situation is different in private schools and the home-schooling classroom than in their public counterparts.

For private-school teachers and parents as well as home-schoolers, we've now updated our "Recommended Resources for Non-Public School Educators." The document observes:

When it comes to public schools, Discovery Institute opposes mandating intelligent design (ID) in the curriculum. Pushing ID into public schools tends to politicize the issue, but we want the debate over ID to remain scientific. Instead, we suggest that public school educators simply teach the scientific evidence for and against Darwinian evolution.

However, when it comes to private schools, home schools, and other private educational settings, there is less controversy over discussing ID. As a result, Discovery Institute recommends a variety of resources for non-public school educators, some of which discuss intelligent design.

There are textbooks, videos and more. See here and pass it around.