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Greenscreengate: Gauger Replies


Ann Gauger has been amusedly following the dust-up around Greenscreengate, the phony scandal in which Darwinists continue -- continue! -- to find the long-sought definitive proof of intelligent design's "fakery" (Donald Prothero) in the fact that a pro-ID research institution on a budget filmed Dr. Gauger talking in front of a green-screen image illustrating a generic lab instead of in her own lab, which looks much the same.

Ann e-mailed me:

So, David, when are we going to make that expensive documentary of me moving small amounts of clear liquid from one tiny tube to another in my lab? Perhaps a tour of the facilities? "And here is the microfuge, here the autoclave, here is where I weigh actual chemicals. Oh, and we do PCR too." There is not much more boring than watching a gel electrophoresis run.

BTW, the lab shots in Expelled with Doug [Axe] and me were real. My blue gloved hands appeared, and my face in the extras. That was the actual lab. More important is the actual science.

But what she really wants to do is direct.

Image credit: Wikipedia.