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Tucker the Singing Dog: Coming Soon to Current Biology?

You may recall the beluga that could supposedly mimic human speech, followed in the science news by the sensational report of an Asian elephant that could speak some words in Korean, both analyzed in the journal Current Biology. You always wonder if these items make it into the peer-reviewed literature only because they fulfill an expectation that, after all, not much separates people from animals.

Well, feast your eyes on this (and maybe cover your ears as well): Tucker the dog has it all over NOC the beluga or Koshik the elephant. He both sings and accompanies himself on the piano! No doubt peer reviewers are sifting the weight of this evidence even now as I write. My wife and her mom, anyway, have been playing it over and over in our home the past couple of evenings.

My own mother used to say that, before he passed away when I was very little, our poodle Cyrano could sing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles." I scoffed at this claim...but no longer.