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More Vindication for Jonathan Wells

Image.ashx.jpegIn the first chapter of his really fascinating new book Riddle of the Feathered Dragons: Hidden Birds of China (Yale, 2012), University of North Carolina paleo-ornithologist Alan Feduccia describes his interactions with Jonathan Wells, referring to him as a "creationist." No surprise there: that's the catch-all term for most scientists to label anyone who doubts Darwinian evolution.

Nicer to report, however, is how Feduccia favorably cites Dr. Wells's Icons of Evolution, at length. By contrast, Feduccia calls Berkeley dino-bird advocate Kevin Padian "the Elmer Gantry of the theropod crusade," criticizing Padian both for his public advocacy of the dino-bird hypothesis (that's the Elmer Gantry aspect) and for his scientific work. In that respect, Feduccia fully supports Jonathan Wells's critique of the dino-bird theory. He concludes with this:

Small wonder the Creationists are thriving and thoroughly enjoying much of the junk science introduced into the current dino-bird debate. [p. 10]
What specifically do we have in mind by the word "more" in the title? If you need to ask, you haven't been following ENV closely enough.