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Bill Nye the Red Herring Guy


ENV's good friend Pete Chadwell sent along this delightful caricature which I thought I'd share with you.

You'll recall from Casey's post that "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is the fellow who warned recently in a viral video that parents who disbelieve in Darwinian evolution are at least morally bound to educate their kids as Darwinists. Why? Because, according to Bill Nye, America's future as the world's "most technologically advanced" nation will be threatened unless everyone believes in Darwin. In the video, I kept waiting for him to clarify how the US could have reached such a pinnacle in the first place given that in the Western world we're also the country whose citizens are the most inclined to doubt Darwin. An explanation was not forthcoming.

See if you can follow the logic. Many of us see scientific evidence of design in nature, and this impedes our ability to design innovative new technologies of our own. How so?

Mr. Nye did not explain that either, which leads to the suspicion that his pointing to so-called "creationism" as a dire peril is really a distraction from legitimate worries that parents and other citizens share about the country's future. In other words, it's a red herring.

Image credit: Pete Chadwell/Dynamic Arts.