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Out Today in Paperback: My Book with Joe Lieberman on the Sabbath -- and Intelligent Design

Joe Lieberman.jpgYou'll forgive this shameless plug, but my book co-written with Senator Joe Lieberman is out in an attractive paperback edition today, from Howard Books/Simon & Schuster.

It's our pitch for the Sabbath, for Christians no less than for Jews, a guided tour of this unique day that calls our attention each week to the pervasiveness of design and purpose in the universe: The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath. That is what the practice of the Sabbath observance is all about.

We make the important point, too, that the Sabbath isn't an all or nothing proposition. You can take from it what you're able, and still enjoy its stillness and beauty, while learning from its wisdom.

Of course, The Gift of Rest is not about intelligent design per se, but neither is the subject too far in the background. Senator Lieberman expresses it this way in the book:

  • I know that human existence is seen by some as an accident, the product of blindly churning natural forces, an unguided process without direction or meaning. That viewpoint can leave people without a guiding compass. The Sabbath, in contrast, offers a way to help us focus with hope on eternal truths and values.

  • The Sabbath is our opportunity to reflect on the way God's creative purpose and design are reflected in the world around us. Meditate on God's creation of life and nature and the entire cosmos -- not as an abstract idea disconnected from our daily reality but as an observable fact.
You can hear Joe Lieberman talk about ID and the "anti-science" label with Intelligent Design the Future's David Boze, here.