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Darwin or Design? The Question that Shakes the Fabric of Human Existence Will Be the Subject of 2012 UK Conference

malvern.jpgThe UK Centre for Intelligent Design, which got off to a good start last year, is hosting another epic intelligent design conference in Malvern, England, this coming September. Based at the Elim Conference Centre (pictured at left) and running from 5:30 pm on Friday, September 28, until 4:45 pm on Saturday the 29th, the conference will feature Biologic Institute's Douglas Axe, as well as mathematician/philosopher John Lennox of the University of Oxford. Both men are well known to regular readers of ENV, and are very able communicators of science to a general audience.

You can read the C4ID's official description of the event here. The website offers the following appetizer for the event:

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the scientific case for Darwinism as a complete explanation of origins is deeply flawed and that the arguments for design are becoming highly credible. It is also apparent that the way in which we view ourselves and our place in the universe is profoundly affected by how we think about these matters. This conference will get to the core of the scientific and philosophical issues involved.

So, here's a one-off opportunity to listen to and interact with two leading thinkers of our generation. At the same time you can enjoy a fabulous conference center with all en-suite rooms in the beautiful setting of the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire. This brand new conference center venue in West Malvern was opened in September 2009. It offers a spectacular location, high-quality facilities, delicious food and personal service aimed at delivering a new level of experience for guests.

In presentations and workshops, the conference will explore six questions that are central to the debate over origins. These are:
  • Why is the design debate so controversial?

  • Your critical questions in the current debate

  • How science is challenging Darwinism

  • The beginnings of a new theory of biology

  • Examining the critical questions further

  • So what? Why does all this matter?
The site introduces the two main speakers (a video clip from each of whom is featured) as follows:
Prof. John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, a Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford University, and acclaimed author of numerous titles including, God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Is It Anyway? John has debated the issues of this conference with leading evolutionary theorists including Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Peter Singer.

Dr. Doug Axe is the director of the Biologic Institute, Seattle, USA. After a Caltech PhD he held postdoctoral and research positions at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Medical Research Council Centre, and the Babraham Institute in Cambridge. Doug's work has been reviewed in Nature and featured in a number of publications.

Go here for further details on the venue, pricing, program, travel, and information on booking! Hope to see you there.