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Texas Says Not Now and Maybe Never to the Educrats

Historically, K-12 science education has been left to the individual states. But as we've earlier reported, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) would employ uniform standards to subtly impose on every state "the one right way" for every teacher to teach about evolution and climate change.

As the Texas Tribune reports (via the New York Times), this one-size-fits-all approach to science education does not actually fit all and seems highly unlikely to receive a welcome in states including Texas and South Carolina:

[T]he reluctance of Texas education leaders to embrace nationally developed science curriculum shows the logistical challenges involved in pushing for widespread implementation. And despite supporters' insistence that the standards have been created "by states, for states," there are already stirrings of the anti-federal-government backlash that greeted the common core standards.

Legislators in South Carolina -- a state that agreed to adopt common core curriculum in language arts and math -- have included language in this year's budget prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds to implement "quasi-national" science standards.

Cargill said that when the time comes to revise the state's science curriculum, the board will look at the Next Generation standards. But she said that the standards will most likely serve as a reference guide, not a rulebook.

"We write our own standards here in Texas," she said.

Other states: take heed of Texas's example. On K-12 science education, as with most things, local decision-making is still the best decision-making. Anything else is the substitution of foreign interest for local interest.