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If You're in SoCal, Come Out and Meet Us This Weekend at the American Scientific Affiliation Meeting


It's all well and good to read what intelligent design's scientists and thinkers, representing Discovery Institute and Biologic Institute, have to say. And we know you do every day here at ENV. But what could be better than getting a chance to interact face to face? Of course, nothing could be better.

That's why if you live in Southern California you'll want to swing over this weekend to the 67th annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation.

The event runs July 20-23 in San Diego and there are some interesting topics on the menu. Saturday's sessions will include a panel discussion with Stephen Meyer, William Dembski and Casey Luskin on "A Taxonomy of Information and the Design Inference." Ann Gauger will speak on "The Origin of Enzymes: All in the Family?" On Sunday, Paul Nelson will address the question, "What Is the Size and Typology of the Genomic Universe?"

The full schedule of speakers is here. Go here to register. The location: Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego. We'll hope to see you there.