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Atheist Alliance of America Will Honor Top Darwin Lobbyist

For the first time, I think, we can unresevedly endorse the view of Darwinian-atheist blogger PZ Myers, who offers enthusiatic congratulations to Eugenie Scott of the influential Darwin-lobbying National Center for Science Education.

The NCSE, of course, has been a leading voice -- maybe the leading voice -- in promoting to the public the view that Darwinism poses no deadly challenge to religious faith. Now, Dr. Scott has accepted an invitation from the Atheist Alliance of America to receive its 2012 Richard Dawkins Award. Nice!

PZ Myers is understandably excited:

Genie has been announced as the recipient of the 2012 Richard Dawkins Award, which will be delivered at the Denver meeting of the Atheist Alliance of America on Labor Day weekend. Everyone be there to applaud wildly!
Yes, applaud for a little candor for a change! By all means, get out the word as widely as possible.