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A Flowchart of Objections to Intelligent Design


Our fellow pro-ID blogger Max Andrews (whose interests include fine-tuning in multiverse scenarios) crafted this amusing flowchart of objections to ID.

Those of us who have been involved in the ID movement for any significant period of time will be well acquainted with the standard objections promulgated and recycled over and over by the theory's critics, regardless of how many times sound rebuttals are offered. Often these critics (e.g. Barbara Forrest or PZ Myers) show very little evidence of having looked into the ID literature in anything like a serious manner.

Anti-ID websites and publications frequently cite old and worn-out talking-points (e.g. claiming that there is no peer-reviewed literature supportive of ID, that the Type III Secretion System refutes irreducible complexity, or a factually erroneous presentation of the Kitzmiller vs. Dover case).

In many of such instances, you could come away with the impression that ID proponents have never offered a substantive rebuttal to these points. The flowchart provides a nice illustration that you can send to ID critics. Click on it for a larger view.