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"Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution"

...as Theodosius Dobzhansky put it in the often-cited title of his famous essay. And CNN's hard-hitting newsman Dr. Drew Pinsky proves it by investigating the burning question: "Why are men obsessed with breasts?"

Dr. Drew, better known as the star of Celebrity Rehab, interviews Australian skateboarder Jason Ellis and Bonnie "Bon" Blossom, PhD, of the reality TV program Big Rich Texas on the Style Network:

Jason Ellis, gazing in appreciation at Dr. Blossom's endowments: The breast area is telling me that I should tell her that I have a Porsche and not only that I have a Porsche but I'm a very nice guy.

Bon Blossom: I think there's a biological reason for this. I'm a biologist. I think it's a form of natural selection. I think that big breasts are a sign of fitness.

Dr. Drew: I actually looked up Bonnie's CV. She is actually a well-trained biologist with a graduate degree in biology. I'm a biologist by training too. Natural selection...how we think. I mean, what are the purpose of these things? There's got to be some evolutionary reason.

Of course there is. There always is.