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Climate Change and White Males: The Growing Scientific Consensus

In case you'd noticed that conservative white males disproportionately doubt global warming and wondered what's wrong with them, Scientific American explains it all to you. Citing a new study, SciAm clarifies: "Conservative white males' motivation to ignore a certain risk -- the risk of climate change in this case -- ...has to do with defending the status of their identity tied to the white male establishment."

sweaty guyMakes sense, right? No, it's not a parody!

But while we're on the subject, here's an alternative explanation. Caucasian males, as another new study will doubtless report soon, possess a special gene for climate warming skepticism. You see evidence of this here on the streets of Seattle where one can encounter fully grown men wearing Pendleton shirts even on warm days. There are some white males, on the other hand, the exception that proves the rule, who have an over-active climate warming acceptance gene that causes them to wear shorts even in winter, particularly on college campuses.

A generous NIH grant and several peer-reviewed journal articles will soon establish these conclusions as a new consensus in science.