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Nation's Leading Science Magazine Covers $110,000 Settlement in Intelligent Design Lawsuit

And unlike some other prestige media sources that have covered the story, Science, the journal in question, gets the story right, mostly. Particularly telling is the cited opinion from our Darwin-lobbying friends at the National Center for Science Education:

Steven Newton, a paleontologist at National Center for Science Education (NCSE), an Oakland, California-based nonprofit organization that monitors creationism activities, disputes [Casey] Luskin's characterization of the settlement, saying it was a case "without clear victors." But NCSE and others in the science crowd believe that the science museum ended up with egg on its face. [emphasis added]
Notwithstanding Newton's face-saving comment about there being no winner in the contest between the American Freedom Alliance and the California Science Center, we see that even the NCSE admits that the CSC has egg on its face. We've been saying here that, as per a common-sense interpretation, paying out that much money is an implicit admission that you're in the wrong. When the NCSE starts saying there are no clear victors, the correct translation into ordinary English is that the AFA in fact won a significant victory for free speech over Darwinist censorship.

One inaccuracy that the Science reporter picked up from the California Science Center: "According to CSC's press release, the $110,000 settlement is covered by an insurer." No, in fact, 10 grand of that wasn't covered by the insurer so either CSC or its front group, the CSC Foundation, had to pick up that part of the tab out-of-pocket.