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September 2011 Archives

Darwin's Heretic Screens at University of Alabama Birmingham

From "An Interview with Lad Allen, Producer and Director of Metamorphosis"

Life on Mars! Again!

A Still Small Voice

Inconsistent Nature: The Enigma of Life's Stupendous Prodigality

Oxford Physicist: Information Is Irreducible to Physics

Music for Monarchs: A Conversation with Mark Lewis

Judaism Without God?

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: HuffPost Reviews The Myth of Junk DNA

The Closing of Charles Darwin's Formerly Christian Mind

Another One Bites the Dust?

At Southern Methodist University, Metamorphosis Gets a Respectful Reception

We Got Your Intelligent-Design Tattoo Right Here!

Alfred Russel Wallace Got There Before Metamorphosis

Richard Weikart on Darwinism and Hitlerism

Packed House and Intense Q&A at Sam Noble Museum for Metamorphosis

Butterflies Set to "Mess with Texas" Tonight at Southern Methodist U.

Listening to Butterflies

California Metamorphosis Premiere Stars Live Butterflies

Intelligently Designing Music to Match Butterfly Magic

Butterfly Mimicry Still a Challenge for Evolution

At National Review TV, Berlinski on the "Laws of Heaven and Earth"

Divining Darwin in Butterfly Genes

George Will on the Sociology of Science

Meet an Ajaja Ajaja

Ends and Means: More on Meyer and Nelson in BIO-Complexity

On Climate Change, Shades of Sternberg

Can't Live Without 'Em: The Logic and Implications of "Essential" Genes