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First Amendment Victory in California

Free speech to most of the establishment means free speech for unpopular liberal causes. The position of the Left is that conservative positions -- especially on cultural issues -- do not deserve to be heard on their own terms. Their advocates do not get to speak on the record; they only are spoken about.

So the just-announced $110,000 settlement of a First Amendment case against the publicly supported California Science Center in Los Angeles is an important breakthrough in establishing the right of Darwin-doubters to air their views in public museums and universities. In this instance, the controversy was over the museum's decision, under pressure, to cancel the airing of a documentary film, Darwin's Dilemma, that was to be followed by a debate.

Denyse O'Leary reports at Uncommon Descent that the Science Center victory is one of several related and recent legal advances. See ENV's ongoing coverage here.

The sad thing is, most media, including some political pundits, don't bother to study the issue because they think they already understand it. They are like some scholar in the Middle Ages who thought he could understand a banned book by reading what someone who prepared the Index had to say about it.

Congratulations to Avi Davis and American Freedom Alliance that brought the suit against the California Science Center.