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Darwinists on RNA World: "No Comment"

Darwinists routinely complain about our policy on comments here: we allow them when we do, and don't when we don't. The impression is that they are just itching to have at our science writers. Yet we opened comments the other day on Jonathan M.'s thoughtful take-down of the RNA World hypothesis as a solution to the origins-of-life conundrum -- and no critics showed up for the party. Only friendlies did so. Come on, gentlemen! Jonathan's conclusion:

Michael Marshall's New Scientist article does not even come close to demonstrating the feasibility of the RNA world hypothesis, much less the origin of the sequence-specific information necessary for even the simplest of biological systems. Since information is a phenomenon uniformly associated with intelligent causes, it follows inductively that intelligent design constitutes the best -- most causally sufficient -- explanation for the information-content of the hereditary molecules DNA and RNA.
Go there and let us know why you disagree.