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Review: Demolishing Junk DNA as an Icon of Evolution

Over at Access Research Network Dr. David Tyler weighs in with a review of Jonathan Wells' The Myth of Junk DNA.

Demolishing Junk DNA as an icon of evolutionFor many of us, an important characteristic of science is self-correction. We are proud of the way new findings catalyse re-evaluation and, if corrections are needed, the development of new knowledge. If you are like this, be prepared to be shocked when you read Jonathan Wells' latest book. The concept of Junk DNA was widely held by evolutionary biologists during the 1990s, but only a few were prepared to expose the hypothesis to tests of its validity. Yet this is when publications started to accumulate that reported functionality in genetic material widely regarded as "nonsense". Instead of alerting popularisers of science to be cautious, these writers treated the new data as unrepresentative exceptions. They pressed on with their claim that the bulk of the genome is useless. The trickle of challenging research findings became a stream, but the 'consensus' about junk DNA was not corrected.
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