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Nashville Public Radio Will Take Your Talking Points Without Even Fact-Checking Them

That is, they'll take the talking points they already tend to agree with, without questioning or investigating their veracity.

The news that the Tennessee House passed an academic freedom bill is upsetting those with a vested interest in maintaining censorship in the science classroom. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the same people who call for teaching one-sided evidence for evolution also limit their their news reports to only one side of the story.

WPLN, the Nashville Public Radio station, reported late yesterday:

The bill specifically bars teaching religion under the guise of science.

But opponents say the wording comes from the Discovery Institute of Seattle, a long-time backer of teaching of creationism and of Intelligent Design.

While the article is correct that the bill prohibits teaching religion, they got Discovery Institute's approach to science education 180 degrees backwards.

Of course, no one at the station contacted Discovery Institute to have us respond or even to investigate whether that claim is true. Frankly, we can chalk that up to WPLN not caring to present our side or allow us to respond to this false attack. But printing such an obvious falsehood as this isn't just biased; it's lazy reporting, parroting back the talking points of the sources WPLN agreed with.

A simple visit to our website would show them in less than 30 seconds that it simply wasn't true. As our education policy clearly states:

As a matter of public policy, Discovery Institute opposes any effort to require the teaching of intelligent design by school districts or state boards of education . . . Instead of mandating intelligent design, Discovery Institute seeks to increase the coverage of evolution in textbooks.

It's really not that complicated when you take a half minute to check your facts.