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Recapping Responses to Nature's Evolution Evangelism Packet

I've received quite a bit of positive feedback about the responses to the Nature 15 Evolutionary Gems packet that we've been responding to since last summer. As a recap of this series, below are links to the 9 parts responding to what I've affectionately called "Nature's Evolution-Evangelism Packet." Also, we've compiled the responses into a single PDF that can be used for educational purposes:

  • Part 1: Evaluating Nature's 2009 "15 Evolutionary Gems" Darwin-Evangelism Kit

  • Part 2: Nature's Microevolutionary Gems Part 1: Lizards, Fish, Snakes, and Clams

  • Part 3: Nature's Microevolutionary Gems Part 2: Bird-Sized Evolutionary Change

  • Part 4: Nature's Microevolutionary Gems Part 3: Flea and Guppy-Sized Evolutionary Change
  • Part 5: Nature's "Gems": Microevolution Meets Microevolution

  • Part 6: Evolutionary "Gems" or "Narrative Gloss"?

  • Part 7: Muscling Past Homology Problems in Nature's Vertebrate Skeleton "Evolutionary Gem"

  • Part 8: Of Whale and Feather Evolution: Nature's Two Macroevolutionary Lumps of Coal

  • Part 9: Evolutionary Biologists Are Unaware of Their Own Arguments: Reappraising Nature's Prized "Gem," Tiktaalik
  • Be sure to download the full PDF here.