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Listen Live Tonight as John West Talks about God and Evolution

This just in from Tom Woodward:

A special edition of the weekly "Darwin or Design" program, featuring Trinity College Research Professor Tom Woodward's interview with Discovery Senior Fellow John West, is airing tonight, Thursday, November 18th. The hour-long program begins at 7 pm Eastern (6 pm Central, 4 pm Pacific) on the Salem Network station in Tampa, WTBN, at AM 570. The discussion centers on the scientific and philosophical issues in the origins contoversy among naturalistic Darwinists, theistic evolutionists, and design theorists.

Those outside Central Florida can listen live via the internet by clicking here.. The topic is the new book, God and Evolution, edited by Discovery Fellow Jay Richards. Dr. West contributed the opening chapters of the book, and Professor Woodward's interview pivots on the fascinating points offered by West in his analysis of the "God-and-evolution" relationship. A podcast link for this 50-minute core program will also be posted on WTBN's special podcast page, which is accessed through their homepage at bayword.com. Look under the tab, "Feautures," and the heading "Quick Links" at the center of the page. Click on "Podcasts of WTBN programs."