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Meyer and Axe vs. Falk and Isaac at Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science

UPDATE 10/22/10: Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon we were informed by a conference organizer that the session featuring an exchange of views between Discovery Institute and BioLogos scientists was being canceled. The good news is that attendees will still be able to hear the same speakers at other sessions, and the rest of the conference is going forward. We hope that another forum for a public exchange of views can be found in the future.

The conversation about God and Darwin is heating up. After several months of back-and-forth, the theistic evolutionists at BioLogos (notably attacking Stephen Meyer's Signature in the Cell, in some cases without reading it) will meet and finally face intelligent design proponents, who are coming fresh off their successful salvo of essays and arguments in God and Evolution, which premiered with a conference at Biola University last week.

Next week the Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science becomes the God and evolution showdown in Austin, as the question of whether faith in God can co-exist with Darwinian evolution will be discussed and debated with people of faith on all different points of the spectrum. CSC Director Stephen Meyer will be presenting, as will CSC fellows Bill Dembski, Doug Axe, Richard Sternberg, Paul Nelson, Jack Collins, Walter Bradley, Bruce Gordon, and Ray Bohlin.

The Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science is unique for bringing together key leaders on both sides of the debate. Attendees have three days of speakers and sessions but should prepare for a rumble on Thursday, October 28, when Stephen Meyer and Doug Axe will go up against Darrel Falk and Randy Isaac in a debate on the origin of life, moderated by Walter Bradley. (If you haven't been following it, there's no small measure of disagreement between these thinkers).

For more on the conference, which runs from October 26-28 at Grace Covenant Church, and to register, visit vibrantdance.org.