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Cyber Attacks Attempt to Shut Down Discovery Institute's Websites on Day of Event Challenging Darwinism

Since early this morning, the pro-intelligent design Discovery Institute has faced repeated denial-of-service attacks on its server in an effort to shut down the Institute's various websites. The attacks coincided with the scheduled appearance tonight of Institute-supported scientists at the "4 Nails in Darwin's Coffin" event at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas. Want to bet there is a connection?

Because of the cyber attacks, the web page providing information about tonight's event was unavailable several times today.

Last fall, Darwinist cyber bullies similarly attempted to close down the website for a conference on intelligent design in Colorado in order to prevent people from registering for the event. Fortunately, more than a thousand people showed up anyway.

Regardless of one's view of Darwinism, this sort of cyber censorship ought to be out of bounds in a free society. It's nothing less than an effort to win a debate through brute force rather than persuasion.

The more Darwinists resort to these sort of thuggish tactics to close down free discussion, the more fair-minded people are going to wonder why some Darwinists are so insecure that they don't think they can prevail unless they shut down anyone who disagrees with them.