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A Word to the Wise -- Biologic's Response

Biologic Institute's Doug Axe has just responded to SMU lecturer John Wise's attacks on the presentations at last week's 4 Nails in Darwin's Coffin event. As responses are published we will be archiving them at that page.

I was among the speakers at an event held at Southern Methodist University last week [1]. The purpose was to give students and others a glimpse of the growing scientific case against Darwin's theory, so the talks were tailored to a non-technical audience.

Faculty members were welcome too, of course, and I'm told that a few were in attendance. Attesting to this, their denouncements began surfacing online shortly afterward [2]. It's all very familiar. When you persist in challenging a cherished tradition like Darwinism, you come to expect this kind of reaction.

Some people are bothered by the craziness that surrounds the Darwin-v-Design controversy, but I take a more relaxed view. Don't get me wrong. If I thought there were nothing but craziness, I'd be as frustrated as anyone. But serious science is being done on both sides of the debate, and that should give us confidence that a truer picture of biology will become visible as the smoke clears. more...