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Racism? Sexism? Que sera, sera.

Evolutionary evangelist Jerry Coyne argues that we are all just slaves to our genes and that behaviors likes racism and sexism are facts of evolution. They're in our "own nature".

We may also have evolved to be sexist and xenophobic, but that doesn't mean that we should give up trying to extirpate racism and sexism from our world. After all, by asking people to stop disliking foreigners, or those of different races, we may be asking them to defy their own nature.
Yet, he thinks we should try to stamp them out anyhow. But, if these traits are simply a result of our genetic make-up won't evolution eventually either enhance such traits or eradicate them forever? In its own good time?

It seems that in Jerry's world these things shouldn't even be up for a debate since things are just the way they are. Naturally. Que sera, sera.