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Win Signature in the Cell from Anyluckyday.com

Would you read a book that was denigrated as nonsense, "a pile of slop," and "a silly waste of time"?

How about if a member of the National Academy of Sciences told you that same book was "breathtaking and cutting-edge science"? What if other scientists from around the world said the book was a "must read," "intriguing," "a fascinating and intellectually stimulating book, and elegantly written"?

Then you might begin to suspect that something is up.

Of course, that book is Stephen Meyer's Signature in the Cell, the most controversial and discussed book in the debate over intelligent design and evolution. Now it's finally available in paperback, and if you don't already have your copy, you can win one today.

Anyluckyday.com is giving away five copies of Stephen Meyer's book today only, which you can check out here, where they have a video and more information. All you have to do is leave a comment for your chance to win!

If you already have your copy of Signature in the Cell, tell your friends about their chance to get it for free.