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The Comment that Chris Mooney's Discover Magazine Blog Won't Publish

In May, I wrote an article on Evolution News & Views commenting on Darwinian Atheists Lecturing Religious People on Proper Belief in God. Chris Mooney then wrote a response, and I then tried to submit a comment in reply. For some reason, perhaps innocent, perhaps not--I don't really know--Chris Mooney's Discover Magazine Blog refused to publish the following comment from me:

Chris, you make hay that my blog post is apparently posted on some "BibleProphecyUpdate" website. You then say "Wow."

For the record, I've no idea what "BibleProphecyUpdate" is, nor do I know anything about them. I originally posted my blog at Evolution News & Views (ENV) -- just follow the link from my name. From your post here today, I've learned that this "BibleProphecyUpdate" site apparently has taken my material and reposted it without my knowledge or permission. Such is the way of the Internet.

I find it difficult to believe you're a regular reader of "BibleProphecyUpdate." Given that you've read and responded to ENV in the past, you're capable of finding my material where you're well aware I'm a regular writer. If you have a "Chris Mooney" Google News alert, then you're also well aware that my blog originally appeared at ENV. So why didn't you link to ENV, instead making hay that my post appears on some religious website? Such is the way of the ID= "anti-science" critic. Perhaps "Wow" is right.