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Promoting Intelligent Design to the Spanish-Speaking World

In the latest ID the Future Podcast, I interview Mario Lopez, founder of the Organización Internacional para el Avance Científico del Diseño Inteligente (OIACDI), a group dedicated to promoting awareness about intelligent design (ID) to the Spanish speaking community. The group's website, OIACDI.org, contains a variety of online resources in Spanish, including articles, news updates, and an ID FAQ in Spanish. OIACDI also recently published a book, Diseño Inteligente: Hacia Un Nuevo Paradigma Científico, which contains articles by leading ID thinkers like William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, and Stephen Meyer translated into Spanish.

As discussed in the podcast interview with Mr. Lopez, a large part of OIACDI's goal is to network with Spanish-speaking scientists, assisting them in making contributions to ID research and thinking. OIACDI also has more book projects in the works and, as time goes by, hopes to branch out into additional media..

As part of their efforts, some of the folks affiliated with OIACDI have launched a blog, "Darwin o Diseño Inteligente" (DarwinoDI.com) which aims to become the premier blog in the Spanish-speaking community for those interested in serious and civil dialogue about intelligent design.