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Doug Axe on the Case Against the Darwinian Origin of Protein Folds

The first "critical review" article in the new journal BIO-Complexity is provocatively titled "The Case Against the Darwinian Origin of Protein Folds." It's written by Doug Axe of Biologic Institute. To the non-specialist, the subject might sound like some narrow but trivial special case where the Darwinian mechanism wouldn't apply. But the implications of Axe's argument, and the evidence on which it is based, are much more far-reaching. As he says near the end: "Clearly, if this conclusion is correct it calls for a serious rethink of how we explain protein origins, and that means a rethink of biological origins as a whole."

The article is somewhat technical for those without the relevant background, but I interviewed Axe recently about the article and its implications for ID the Future. If you want the more lay-friendly overview, you can listen to it here.