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JPL Discrimination Lawsuit Latest in Long String of Free-Speech on Evolution Controversies

Former Jet Propulsion Laboratory Team Lead, David Coppedge's case is only the most recent of a series of similar free-speech controversies, including:

  • The California Science Center in Los Angeles, a state agency, is currently entangled in a pair of lawsuits following its discriminatory cancellation of a contract with a private non-profit group to screen a film for the public on intelligent design.

  • At Iowa State University in 2006, supervisors denied tenure to and forced out a distinguished astrophysicist for co-authoring a book on intelligent-design in cosmology.

  • At the Smithsonian Institution in 2005, supervisors investigated, harassed and demoted an evolutionary biologist for editing a pro-intelligent design article in a peer-reviewed technical journal.

  • At the University of Idaho in 2005, the university's president banned faculty on campus from teaching against evolutionary orthodoxy.