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Truth or Dare: A Lecture Guide to the Anti-Intelligent Design Claims by Dr. Kenneth Miller

Download the "Truth or Dare" with Dr. Ken Miller Lecture Guide

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Over the past few months, we've posted excerpts of a lecture guide to the claims of Dr. Ken Miller. The purpose of this guide was to give you an alternative viewpoint on many of Ken Miller's arguments and to help you critically evaluate his claims. Now that the guide is complete (and available for download at right), we hope you have learned more about the debate over ID and evolution and have been able to think critically about Professor Miller's arguments.

The segments of this guide have included:

  • Science and Religion: Is Evolution "Random and Undirected"?
  • Misrepresenting the Definition of Intelligent Design
  • Confusing Evidence for Common Ancestry With Evidence for Darwinian Evolution
  • The Name-Dropping Approach to Transitional Fossils
  • Spinning Tales About the Bacterial Flagellum
  • Misrepresenting Michael Behe's Arguments for Irreducible Complexity of the Blood Clotting Cascade
  • Ken Miller and the Evolution of the Immune System: "Not Good Enough"?
  • The Darwinian educational establishment doesn't make it easy for you to become objectively informed on the topic of evolution and intelligent design, but with a little work on your own, it can be done. If you want to base your views on a full and complete understanding of the scientific evidence, you will need to pro-actively research and investigate the pro-ID arguments that many of your faculty may be opposing, misrepresenting, or perhaps even outright censoring. Yes, take courses advocating evolution. But also read material from credible Darwin skeptics to learn about other viewpoints. Only then can you truly make up your mind in an informed fashion.

    With a little proactive self-education, critical thinking, and patience, you can keep yourself informed in this debate. Many of the websites listed below contain helpful information and resources about evolution and intelligent design.

    I hope this guide is helpful and wish you the best as you explore this exciting and challenging debate.