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Signature in the Cell Tampa Bay Event Streaming Live Tonight

You can watch the live "Signature in the Cell" intelligent design one-night event featuring some of the leading voices challenging Darwinian evolution including Stephen Meyer, Michael Medved, David Berlinski and Tom Woodward.

The event will be broadcast LIVE tonight from 7:05-9:00pm, on the internet You can stream it live from either of these radio websites: AM 570 and 910 or AM 860 WGUL.

To listen to the event in its entirety, click here.

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Discovery Institute senior fellow and national radio personality Michael Medved will lead a two-hour discussion about the evidence for intelligent design and the challenges it proposes to modern evolutionary theory. Joining him will be Signature in the Cell author, Stephen C. Meyer, leading Darwin skeptic and author of The Deniable Darwin, David Berlinski, and scientist, scholar and writer, Thomas Woodward, author of Darwin Strikes Back.