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ClimateGate Round-Up: Articles by Henninger, Will, Limbaugh and More

Round-up of some recent noteworthy articles on ClimateGate:

Henninger on ClimateGate
Daniel Henninger at the Wall Street Journal has a superb overview of the deeper implications of the global warming fraud. He understands what this catastrophe means for science. As Henninger points out, global warming science has for a couple of decades been the public face of science, hyped and sold as a commodity indispensable to humanity's survival. As it is revealed as a fraud, the public reassessment of science will shake science to its foundations. His thoughts on the encroachment of post-modernism on science are fascinating.

George Will and David Limbaugh on ClimateGate
George Will has an essay on the recently affirmed scientific misconduct and fraud in the climate science industry. Will has run afoul of climate alarmists in the past by questioning their "consensus" science and their utter intolerance for dissent (bonus question: in what other area of science do ideologically motivated scientists behave this way?). The warmists have viciously attacked him. Now that the evidence from the emerging CRU scandal is proving Will right, he pens a fine essay. His insight into the political and economic machinations of corrupt science is particularly acute. David Limbaugh, meanwhile, has an excellent essay on ClimateGate at Human Events.

Christopher Booker: "Climategate reveals the most influential tree in the world"
There is a fascinating essay by journalist Christopher Booker, in which Booker explains the details of the tree-ring data manipulations in the Climategate scandal.

Mark Steyn on ClimateGate: "the First Church of the Settled Scientist"
Mark Steyn--the best essayist on earth--has a characteristically superb take on ClimateGate.

Frank J on Climate Scientists: "Not Another Krypton on Our Watch..."
Frank J, author of the immortal Nuke the Moon post on IMAO, has penned a delightful character study of scientists convinced of their indispensability in defending mankind from scientific untruth.

The Clearest Explanation of the Decline They Hid
Marc Sheppard at American Thinker has a detailed but very clear explanation of what the climate scientists "hid" when they "hid the decline." It wasn't the recent warming trend since 1998; it was something much more important, and it was something that, if not hidden, would unravel the anthropogenic global warming theory in short order. This puts the lie to Nature's editorial claiming that ClimateGate doesn't invalidate "the large body of global warming science." There is nothing left of the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis if this "inconvenient" aspect of the data isn't hidden. And of course, this Scientific Scam of the Century was perpetrated in Nature itself, with the editors' apparent acquiescence.

Who Knew That the University of Minnesota Morris was the Epicenter of Greenhouse Gasses?
Cornelius Hunter has a post in which he has tracked down the primary forcing factor in atmospheric heating. It seems that we Darwin skeptics have really been fighting global warming for the past couple of years. Maybe there's a Nobel Prize in this...

Darwin Eugenics DDT Population bomb New Ice Age Heterosexual AIDS Global Warming Climate Change
In the annals of perpetual science fraud, the New Ice Age of the 1970s sometimes gets overlooked (it's dwarfed by so many other frauds perpetrated in the name of "consensus science"). But science ideologues and alarmists have been busy since the mid-19th century trying, with varying degrees of success, to impose their agendas on our society. Gary Sutton of Forbes has a nice review of the science-hoax of the 1970s that promised a climate catastrophe, if we didn't listen to the scientists.

Dilbert on Global Warming
From John at Powerline.