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"Expelled" on Showtime Over the Holidays

A quick heads-up for our readers with cable: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed will be playing on Showtime tomorrow through the 21st:

darwin_red_santa.jpgOn Showtime 2 12/16/09 at 11:15 AM

On Showtime Showcase
12/17/09 at 6:15 PM

On Showtime
12/19/09 at 5:15 PM

On Showtime
12/19/09 at 4:30 AM

On Showtime Showcase
12/21/09 at 10:00 PM

On Demand
Available from 12/11/09 to 01/07/10

If you find similarities between Ben Stein's account of the ID movement and the ClimateGate news of scientists blackballed from science journals and treated like traitors, well, welcome to reality.