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ClimateGate: First Blood

ClimateGate has drawn it's first political blood:

So the great climate e-mail fiasco has drawn blood -- that of an opposition leader, no less, on the other side of the world. Australian Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull has been replaced by a climate sceptic, Tony Abbott, after ten of its most senior politicians resigned over its support for the Government's plans for fighting global warming. They were, it seems, fired up by the hacked communications from the University of East Anglia...

Just the beginning. Just as the political and ideological motivations of the global warming movement dwarfed the meager and largely fraudulent science (cf. Darwinism), the blowback from the revelation of the fraudulent science will be largely political. In many countries, this will shift political power from warmist collaborators and dupes to skeptics. But this will hit science hard; much of modern science is dependent on political largesse and cover, and the science community's participation, acquiescence, and exculpation of this fraud will cost it dearly.

Scientists have no understanding of the public anger on this issue. They will understand it, shortly.