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The Truth about Richard Sternberg's Persecution by the Smithsonian

Will Michael Shermer and Donald Prothero tell the truth about what happened to Richard Sternberg? That's one of the open questions going into tonight's debate in Los Angeles between Shermer and Prothero and ID proponents Stephen Meyer and Richard Sternberg. Shermer and Prothero have a record of misstating the facts about Dr. Sternberg's persecution at the Smithsonian. It will be interesting to see whether they are willing to make their misstatements to Dr. Sternberg's face.

For those interested in the truth about Dr. Sternberg's mistreatment, a good place to start is Casey Luskin's excellent rebuttal to some of Shermer's earlier misstatements.

Those who want a more comprehensive recital of the facts should check out the reports issued by federal investigators at the U.S. Office of Special Counsel and a congressional subcommittee.