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Studying the Devil's Delusion, or A Guided Tour of the Ditchkins' Dilemma

David Berlinski is currently stateside for his speaking tour of the U.S., and The Devil's Delusion is selling briskly, already in its second printing in paperback. Now there's a new discussion guide to complement Dr. Berlinski's powerful book.

Because Dr. Berlinski's enjoyable style makes the book so eminently readable, not to mention its importance as a response to the new atheists, The Devil's Delusion and its new discussion guide are a natural choice for book clubs, small groups, adult Sunday school classes, and anyone who wants to delve a little deeper.

The guide reads as if a college professor highlighted the book's most trenchant points and asked the class to chew on them, a style that proves fertile for book discussions (I speak from experience). With chapter summaries and discussion questions, readers have a scaffolding on which to build their thoughts and engage the central questions with others.

The discussion guide is available for free download here, and hard copies are available for purchase.