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Free Speech Prevails as Stephen Meyer Speaks on Intelligent Design to Huge Crowd at Colorado Conference

Updated photo from Friday night:


Castle Rock, Colorado--Despite the first major snowstorm of the season, and unrelenting efforts by malicious Darwinists to prevent people from registering, a huge crowd of around 1,000 people showed up Friday night to hear Dr. Stephen Meyer present the DNA evidence for intelligent design based on his new book Signature in the Cell. Meyer, Michael Behe, David Berlinski, and myself are in Colorado to speak at the Legacy of Darwin ID Conference sponsored by Shepherd Project Ministries. On Saturday, Michael Behe will present the evidence against modern Darwinism from his books Darwin's Black Box and The Edge of Evolution; David Berlinski will talk about The Devil's Delusion and The Deniable Darwin; and I will talk about my book Darwin Day in America. Any fair-minded person in the Denver-Castle Rock-Colorado Springs area who still wants to come is welcome to purchase tickets at the door on Saturday morning starting at 8:15 am. The conference is taking place at the Douglas County Events Center. As of tonight, the malicious jamming of the Shepherd's Project website seems to be continuing. Not content to suppress free speech about Darwin's theory in schools and colleges and the media, some Darwinist vigilantes are now apparently even trying to stop intelligent design proponents from speaking at private conferences. Fortunately, their suppression tactics don't seem to be working!