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Reality Check: Oklahoma Darwinists' "Gotcha" Moment at Cambrian Explosion Film Falls Flat

According to a live-blogger at the Southwestern premiere of "Darwin's Dilemma" earlier tonight, a Darwinist during Q and A challenged Stephen Meyer and Jonathan Wells by charging that the interviews in the film of noted paleontologists Simon Conway Morris and James Valentine (both evolutionists) were done a decade ago. "Are you aware that the interviews of Morris and Valentine were done 9 and 10 years ago?" the questioner asked. Apparently the implication was that the interviews were so old they no longer accurately reflected the views of Morris and Valentine. Except that the questioner was flat wrong. According to Illustra Media, with whom I checked tonight, the interviews were done specifically for this project in October and November of 2006--less than three years ago, not ten. And contrary to some other smears floating around on the internet, the interviews were open and above board. Both Morris and Valentine knew they were doing interviews for Illustra Media (previous producers of the pro-intelligent design films "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" and "The Privileged Planet"). Both men also knew that the interviews were for a film on the Cambrian Explosion. Both signed releases with Illustra allowing their interviews to be used. And both accepted payment for the interviews.

Question: Are Darwinists really so afraid of the evidence that this is the best they can muster?