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Intelligent Design Comes to University of Oklahoma With ID Lecture and Screening of Darwin's Dilemma

Somehow, over the past few years the University of Oklahoma has become a sort of ground zero for debating evolution and intelligent design. Appearances by William Dembski, Richard Dawkins, Michael Ruse and John West have all drawn large crowds, and not a little controversy.

Tonight Dr. Stephen Meyer will deliver a lecture based on his book Signature in the Cell in Meachem Auditorium at the University of Oklahoma at 7pm. Darwinists are planning to attend with the hopes of confounding Meyer during the question and answer time. Since biologists like Dawkins and Francis Collins have avoided debating Meyer I don't think there will be much to confound him there tonight.

Tomorrow night, the new ID documentary Darwin's Dilemma will be screened at 7pm in Kerr Auditorium in the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, with a post-film discussion featuring two leading intelligent design scientists, Meyer, and Dr. Jonathan Wells, biologist and author of Icons of Evolution. Again it looks as if local Darwin activists are planning to try and fill the audience with critics either to disrupt the film, or to harass the speakers during the discussion afterwards. Should be an interesting evening.

Both events sponsored by the student run IDEA (Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness) Club of the University of Oklahoma. For more information e-mail: ouidea@gmail.com