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Dr. John DeVincenzo, R.I.P.


Dr. John DeVincenzo, a distinguished California businessman, orchardist and community leader, died this week, a loss to leadership on many levels. He is remembered in the San Luis Obispo Tribune also as "a dedicated family man - energetic, funny, full of life and always pushing the limits on traditional thinking."

Dr. DeVincenzo professionally was an orthodontist who was generous with his skills and resources. Throughout the past decade he was an enthusiastic supporter of Discovery Institute and its Center for Science and Culture.

We note with final gratitude that the family has named Discovery Institute as one of John's favorite charities. Those who wish to help further our work in his memory can do so by utilizing this online link or by sending checks marked the "DeVincenzo Fund" to the attention of Kelley Unger at Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture.