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Oklahoma's Darwinists Are Freaked Out by Intelligent Design

For an idea that Darwinists say has no value, intelligent design still seems to captivate them a great deal. Darwinists in Oklahoma have their own list-serv which they use to make announcements, and currently are using to stir up more anti-ID animosity amongst evolutionary foot soldiers in the heartland. They're all aflutter about the screening of Darwin's Dilemma, and about Stephen Meyer's lecture on ID at University of Oklahoma next week. Note this bit of bogus puffery:

As part of the DI appearance on the OU campus Dr. Stephen C. Meyer will deliver a free lecture about his new book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and Evidence for Intelligent Design, at 7 P.M. on September 28th in Meacham Auditorium. [Meyer attempts to show that the digital code embedded in DNA points to a designing intelligence and helps unravel a mystery that Darwin never addressed: how did the very first life begin? His book has been reviewed and dismissed by evolutionary biologists and offers no really new arguments from the anti-evolutionists. Strong opposition to his ideas is expected during the discussion period.]
Well, actually, to date no Darwinist biologists have reviewed the book, let alone refuted it. (Heck, I doubt they've read it.) They've been conspicuously silent regarding the arguments Dr. Meyer makes in Signature in the Cell. I bet the scientific opposition to Dr. Meyer's lecture will be weak, not strong. Sadly, the Darwinists' opposition to Dr. Meyer thus far is completely without substance consisting solely of nasty personal attacks. Hopefully, that won't be the sort of drivel that comes up next week.