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Landmark Intelligent Design Book Signature In The Cell in Stores Today

Today marks the arrival of the highly anticipated book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, by CSC Director Dr. Stephen C. Meyer. Several years in the making, the book arrives just as the information age is coming to biology and scientists are delving deeper into the mystery of the origins of life. In Signature in the Cell Dr. Meyer lays out a radical new and comprehensive argument for intelligent design that readers will likely never have encountered before, and which materialist scientists cannot counter.

Appearances this week:

  • "Darwin's Legacy" -- June 23rd, Heritage Foundation, 12 Noon
    The Heritage Foundation and Discovery Institute invite you to hear Dr. Stephen Meyer speak from his new book Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design.
    Watch this event live online. Click here at 12 Noon EDT on June 23rd to watch a live feed of Dr. Meyer's presentation.
  • "An evening with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer" -- June 25th, McLean Bible Church, 7:30pm
    Come spend an evening with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer - a leading voice in the national discussion over intelligent design (ID).
    Date: Thursday, June 25th , 2009
    Location: McLean Bible Church, Tysons Campus Community room C
    Time: 7:30pm to 9:00pm
    Cost: $10 for Adults or $5 for students

    Sneak Peek. Click here to download an excerpt from the book.

    SITC Praised. Scientists and scholars are weighing in about SITC and praising the book as "elegantly written" and "intellectually stimulating."

    Author Talks. Be sure to tune into ID The Future beginning Wednesday, June 24th for the first in a series of interviews with Dr. Meyer about his research and the writing of Signature in the Cell.

    Video Trailer. Watch a trailer for the book and share it with your friends.

    Save Now. You can order the book at Amazon.com by clicking here and save 34% off the cover price.

    Stay Tuned. Be sure to visit the Signature in the Cell website for all the latest news, reviews, and updates on Dr. Meyer's speaking tour.