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In Darwin Anniversary Year, New Zogby Poll Reveals Majority Support for Intelligent Design

Just a few months before the 150th anniversary of Darwin's On the Origin of Species, a newly released Zogby poll shows that the American public overwhelmingly rejects Darwinian theory in favor of intelligent design. When asked if life developed "through an unguided process of random mutations and natural selection," a standard definition of Darwinism, only 33 percent of respondents said they agreed with the statement. But 52 percent agreed that "the development of life was guided by intelligent design."


The poll results come from one of four questions commissioned by Discovery Institute for a national Zogby telephone survey conducted earlier in 2009. Results from the other three questions were released previously to coincide with the bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birth. The new results are highlighted below, and the full report is available here.

Question about Intelligent Design

Now, I am going to read you two statements about the development of life. Please tell me which statement comes closest to your own point of view--Statement A or Statement B?

Statement A: The development of life came about through an unguided process of random mutations and natural selection.

Statement B: The development of life was guided by intelligent design.

Statement A 33%
Statement B 52
Neither 7
Other/Not sure 8

Click here to download the full report