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Upcoming Event: Grill the ID Scientist, 9 June 2009, University of Pittsburgh

An announcement from Professor David Snoke:

"Grill the ID Scientist"

Tuesday, June 9
7 PM, University of Pittsburgh Campus (room TBA)

A network of scientists known as the Intelligent Design (ID) community continues to question basic tenets of Darwinism and origin-of-life scenarios. Not only are their views controversial in scientific circles -- many in the evangelical world, who might be expected to embrace ID, are also not sold on the value of the ID program.

This event brings together a panel of scientists associated with the ID movement. After a short presentation, the bulk of the evening will be given to questions from the audience. This event is aimed primarily at researchers, graduate students and advanced undergrad students in the sciences. It is open to anyone, but participants must register in advance by sending email to snoke@pitt.edu. In the event of limited seating, preference will be given to grad students and researchers in the life sciences.


-- Doug Axe, Biologic Institute (formerly of Cambridge University)
-- Michael Behe, Lehigh University
-- Ann Gauger, Biologic Institute
-- David Keller, University of New Mexico
-- John Sanford, Cornell University

+ others TBA

moderated by David Snoke, University of Pittsburgh